Top 5 Free Spins Anime Slots to Play in 2018

Watching Japanese anime has proved to be a great pastime. The popularity of anime series and the surge in DVD sales are proof of this. Anime offers a modern-era storytelling platform which makes it tick perfectly with young audiences. But wouldn’t it be even better if anime lovers could make money from their favorite pastimes?

The good news is that they can! There are numerous free anime-themed slots that enthusiasts can enjoy. Here are the best five free spins anime slots to play in 2018:

Anime Slots – Free Slot Casino

This free slot game has a popular fan base going strong for a while now and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down in 2018. The game offers lots of free spins and mini-games. Regular updates ensure there are new machines every once in a while which prevents the game from becoming monotonous. There are boosters that multiply players’ earnings.

Anime Slots Free Casino Pokies

Sticky-game mechanics are the highlight of this free slot game. It has been around for a while but has retained its freshness that will make it compete for the top slot in 2018. Free Casino Pokies features a wide variety of characters from popular anime series.


This game offers 30 paylines and features famous hero characters from the Thundercats cartoon series. The appearance of each specific character gives a specific bonus during every spin. Tygra, Lion-O, Cheetara and other characters emerge with exciting prizes for players.

Go Go Anime Slots

This free slot game promises a real adventure. Players are able to relive several ninja anime shows while winning big at the same time. The heroes offer bonuses as if a player were interacting with them directly.

Manga Girls

This five-reel, 25 line game features numerous anime girl characters. It includes an autoplay option alongside other regular slot game features like scatters and bonuses.

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