The Rise in Popularity of Japanese Anime in the United Kingdom

Fans of Japanese anime may be surprised to learn of the increasing number of TV series and movies now available in the Western world, and in particular, the United Kingdom. The advent of online streaming services and an expanding audience of Netflix viewers has introduced new fans to this entertaining genre, with more examples also widely available on DVD. Here are some of the most popular titles currently on release.

In This Corner Of The World

This sensitive and moving film was initially released in mainstream cinema chains and is now available on DVD. The story follows a talented young artist and is set in Hiroshima during the second world war with an increasing threat of the atomic bomb waiting to disrupt the Japanese history and culture.

Gurren Lagann

This post-apocalyptic drama takes place on a futuristic Earth, where mankind is forced to live in underground villages and isolation. The heroes of the story, Kamina and Simon, join forces against the tyrannical ruler, the Spiral King, taking on his giant robots in a bid to free the world.

Mob Psycho 100

This humorous TV adaptation started as a Japanese webcomic in 2012 and was released as an anime series in 2016, and was renowned for its visual impact. The star of the show is an everyday teenager with hidden psychic powers, trying to stay out of trouble but unable to keep his emotions under control.

Your Name

This emotional movie, showcasing anime at its best, is available on DVD following its release as a box office sensation in Japan. Initially, starting as a body-swapping comedy, the film develops into a wistful story of love and parallel lives.

With the promise of more intriguing and enthralling Japanese anime to hit the United Kingdom, fans can look forward to many years of enjoying their favorite genre.

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