Japanese Anime Marching Into 2018 With Gusto

Japanese anime has been in existence since the 1900s, with most of the early creations made by hand and just for fun. The art went commercial in 1917 and has grown since then by leaps and bounds and taken its rightful place among the world’s arts.

It has become so popular that today, the word ‘anime’ is synonymous with Japanese animation. Mention the word anime anywhere in the world and Japan will quickly come to most people’s mind. The art has grown beyond hand-made art and is today, artists are using computer softwares.

This is not to say, however, that the original hand creations have lost their place. Some artists still create anime by hand. Computer advancements have given artists more freedom and allowed more to get into the game.

Japanese anime is characterized by colorful depictions, famous characters and are weaved around Japanese themes. It also encompasses camera movement and positioning tricks to bring it as close to realism as possible. Anime DVDs make up the largest film sales in Japan.

Anime was originally produced in the Japanese language but has adopted English productions as it became more and more popular across Europe and the US. Production from other parts of the world has also borrowed from the anime style of creation.

The Dragon Ball Z, The Cowboy Bebob, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece and the Fist of the North Star are some Japanese anime works that have proved to be major hits in the US.

2018 is expected to be another fruitful year for the entertainment genre. Usual annuals like One Piece and Boruto: Naruto Next generations are still in the pipeline. Brand new creations like Darling in the Franxx, Golden Kamuy, My Hero Academia, and Violet Evergarden are lined up to hit the sales stores. It is sad that the Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end in March 2018 but, hopefully, the new releases will fill the void well.

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