Five Anime Creations That Topped 2017 Productions

Anime has taken its rightful place in entertainment circles and will be walking into 2018 with its head held high. Looking back, 2017 was a great year for the Japanese anime industry with creators keeping audiences glued.

Here are five creations that had viewers going gaga in 2017:

5. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

The world is beautiful because it’s not beautiful. It tells the story of Kino, the girl with a talking motorcycle and .44 revolver going on a world tour. She stays in each country for no longer than three days. The idea is to get accustomed to every country but not get the temptation to settle in any single one.

Kino’s story is a fantasy for real people and keeps changing viewers’ worldview just as her own perception changes.

4. Inuyashiki

The sci-fi creation tells the story of Inuyashiki, an elderly man with no friends and who gets little respect from his family. Another blow lands at his in-tray when he learns that he has cancer.

Unlike the usual superpower nature of animation, Inuyashiki falls into real human depression and solitude. The twist comes in the form of an explosion when he is on a hill. The explosion gives him the power to heal or kill, as it does to another teen character. Inuyashiki chooses to end people’s misery; the teen chooses to kill. It’s a battle!

3. Just Because!

It looks like a pure romance anime at first glance, but the story gets far much deeper. It shapes around Eita Izumi who, upon returning home after a long time, becomes a sort of positive change motivator for his peers. The story is full of charm and realness in a way that makes a viewer forget that it is scripted.

2. Made of Abyss

The series comes with a terrifying set up that raises curiosity rather than panic. A giant excavation full of dangerous creatures keeps drawing humans to itself. How can they cope?

1. Land of the Lustrous

Lunarians lay siege to humanoid gems that they want to kill and turn into jewelry leading to resistance.

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