Best of the Best in Japanese Anime

Japanese anime has become and continues to grow as a popular form of entertainment all over the world. The animations become even more popular when they are presented as an ongoing series as viewers seek to become part of the story.

Here are five Japanese anime series that have at some point had audiences held by the tenterhooks.

1. Death Note

This 37-episode series that ran between 2006 and 2007 gripped audiences and made them part of a crime elimination journey. It revolves around Light Yakama, a high school student who discovers a notebook belonging to the god of death. It contains the names of bad people and he is granted the power to eliminate them. He sets out on this agenda with pleasure, taking a good audience with him.

2. Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball is an ongoing sequel series that has been in the running since 2015. It is currently at the Dragon Ball Super stage, which is a follow through on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

The series revolves around a martial arts theme. It plays into people’s love for fitness and power; little wonder it has had overflowing popularity at every turn.

3. Naruto

The story of Naruto Uzumaki’s struggle to become his ninja village’s Homage (leader) has spanned over 220 episodes. The series has been especially popular among young viewers who see themselves as potential heroes. The many twists to the plot have not done its popularity any harm.

4. Full metal Alchemist

This anime ran for 115 episodes over two seasons. It told the story of two brothers- Alphonse Eric and Edward- who go out in search of a philosopher’s stone. The stone is fabled to be the cure for an unusual condition that they have developed after a disastrous alchechimal trial.

5. Attack on Titan

The series tells the story of the fight of a small group of human survivors fighting a giant that resurfaces years after giants had almost wiped out humans. The survivors thought they had seen the end of giants, but, apparently, they hadn’t!

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