All You Need to Know About Japanese Anime 2018

In 2018, Japanese anime will turn 101 years old! That’s right, hundred-and-one years of commercial existence. Being an industry that has been developing for over a century, you can guess why it has taken such a firm root.

In celebration of the 101 years of existence, the anime fraternity is holding a special event. Anime Japan 2018 will be held between 23rd and 25th March (Thursday-Sunday), with public displays happening on the 25th and 26th (Saturday and Sunday) days of the same month. Anime Japan Organization is in charge of the event’s planning.

The event will bring together anime stakeholders, creators, distributors, and fans from the entire country and beyond. The fans will come to enjoy a screening of their favorite shows which will be done by the respective show organizers.

And it really is a big deal! The involvement of sponsors like Sony and Fate/Grand Order should tells a lot. Sankyo, Toho Animation, LiveDam Stadium, and Fields are among some other notable companies that are also in the sponsorship loop.

The 2018 showpiece will also mark the fifth anniversary of the annual event. It has kept growing in popularity since it was first held in 2016, with fans coming from far and wide to grace the screening. Many people take advantage of these dates to tour Japan.

Shows will be organized in Tokyo, a key city in Japan. Planning a holiday trip to coincide with the event makes a lot of sense. The trip should either begin or end on the dates that screenings occur for it to be most fruitful. Visitors who start their tour at the event will set a great tone for the rest of their holiday while those who end it here will get a satisfying climax.

Tickets for the showpiece should already be on sale. Advance tickets go for 55,555 Japanese Yen (510 USD). This is a great pilgrimage event for all Japanese anime lovers!

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